July 8, 2020

๐Ÿš€ Reached Top 10 on Substack

Shiva Prabhakaran @shv_prbhkrn

I just launched my newsletter a 10 days back and have been putting out content regularly. To my surprise when I was checking Substack today, I was among the top 10 free publications.

Feels great to see the newsletter picking up momentum.

Few things I believe worked out:

  1. Content pieces were small and hence easy to consume.
  2. One of the pieces went viral on Hacker News.
  3. Topic is relevant to business leaders aka bigger wallets.
  4. Some top influencers in the investing community are subscribed. (Maybe they shared my posts elsewhere)

Made a Tweet with the screenshot: https://twitter.com/shv_prbhkrn/status/1280733811215446018

If you want to read more, subscribe here: https://models.substack.com

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