December 22, 2019

Started Prototype

Mikker Gimenez-Peterson @lrner

About 8 years ago I started a prototype for a flashcard app I called Modquiz. At the time, I lacked the experience to make the product a reality. Revisiting the space about 8 years later I noticed the space hasn't changed much. This is a project I've been particularly passionate about, so I've begun building a prototype again. The goal is to occupy the space between the easy to use, like Quizlet or StudyBlue and the exceptionally smart, but difficult to use tools like Anki. I'm building a flashcard app that will be productized and easy to use, while also providing tools and patterns to build immersive quizzes quickly and easily. Unlike flashcards which are entirely unstructured, the data used to build study materials with Modquiz will be organized in such a way to clearly and quickly navigate. I also hope to follow the principle of write once, use ∞. This means that you'll be able to read the information you put into Modquiz like notes, automatically build flashcards and quizzes out of them, create games and hopefully much more.

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