November 5, 2019

2nd Product Launched -

Jon Yongfook @yongfook

Phew! Product #2 went live a couple of days ago:

It's a SaaS service that auto-generates social media preview images. You just plug in some code on your site and Previewmojo starts generating "open graph" images for you, a unique one for each page. The generated images can contain unique titles, photos, author information and more - it all depends on the page content, and is all pulled in automatically by Previewmojo!

It's actually a productised version of what @csallen described in this post here about the dynamically-generated social media preview images on IH (no affiliation):

I've been wanting to build an API-like service for a long time as I feel that's a good space for indie-hackers to be in. Creating useful tool-like services that help people accomplish tedious or difficult tasks faster and easier - I think this type of product is a much more black and white value proposition to communicate to customers than say, trying to build team-based productivity tools (a space I was in previously) as an indie hacker.

So that's two products launched since I kicked off about 2 months ago. My next step is to switch into marketing mode for both of these products! I have a ton of blog content to write and a ton of pages to create for the marketing sites of each product. I'm also going to be playing with pricing a bit - many people have commented that my pricing for previewmojo is too low and I kind of agree. I may end up pivoting away dramatically from the current price point ($9 / month) and aim for for $50-$100 per month with some new features aimed at marketing teams of ecommerce stores or SaaS companies with a lot of long-tail pages.

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