2nd Product Launched - Previewmojo.com

Phew! Product #2 went live a couple of days ago:


It's a SaaS service that auto-generates social media preview images. You just plug in some code on your site and Previewmojo starts generating "open graph" images for you, a unique one for each page. The generated images can contain unique titles, photos, author information and more - it all depends on the page content, and is all pulled in automatically by Previewmojo!

It's actually a productised version of what @csallen described in this post here about the dynamically-generated social media preview images on IH (no affiliation):


I've been wanting to build an API-like service for a long time as I feel that's a good space for indie-hackers to be in. Creating useful tool-like services that help people accomplish tedious or difficult tasks faster and easier - I think this type of product is a much more black and white value proposition to communicate to customers than say, trying to build team-based productivity tools (a space I was in previously) as an indie hacker.

So that's two products launched since I kicked off Mojosaas.com about 2 months ago. My next step is to switch into marketing mode for both of these products! I have a ton of blog content to write and a ton of pages to create for the marketing sites of each product. I'm also going to be playing with pricing a bit - many people have commented that my pricing for previewmojo is too low and I kind of agree. I may end up pivoting away dramatically from the current price point ($9 / month) and aim for for $50-$100 per month with some new features aimed at marketing teams of ecommerce stores or SaaS companies with a lot of long-tail pages.

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    Big up @yongfook and all the best!!

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    @yongfook you have done a great job automating one of the most unproductive work designers can do. Setup the templates and the preview is ready, and this is just amazing.

    I did a similar work a few years back,

    • We had 100s of youtube video and wanted to update thumbnails automatically
    • I had a core design template, got the content using CSV/YAMAL
    • Ran a python script that places the right content over the preview image
      -Using google script, automated updated the Youtube Thumbnail.

    Your website makes it look easy. I can see the amount of thinking and effort gone behind this.

    Best wishes.

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    You always amazed me with the speed of launching something, are you a coder or you have a team to help you?

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      I'm a solo dev, and have been programming for 20 years or so. If anything, I think I'm too slow ;)

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        Nice! how often you change your stack of choice for new project? or you keep reusing code / knowledge your'e alrdy familiar with? from the business point of view, new tech doesn't matter that much.

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          Everything is built in Rails, which is the only framework I know.

          I don't really re-use much code in between projects. Most of the things you might want to re-use have already been packaged up into open source libraries so things like authentication etc that you might want to port between projects, are already portable :)

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    This is very nice! I keep fingers crossed :)

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    Just curious, how much did you pay to acquire the domain name?!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thank you Alex!

      Yes I’ve been thinking about cross promotion. It’s really the best way to scale up a portfolio of multiple products.

      The problem is my two products aren’t really related. So that makes cross promotion a little less relevant as a tactic.

      It did make me think though, if I did work on a 3rd product (next year, after this phase of marketing) it should probably be something related to either image processing or customer feedback. I want to experience the benefits of being able to market a multiple product offering across some sort of consistent narrative!

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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