April 8, 2020

Airtable integration + new price plan

Jon Yongfook @yongfook

I'm still having fun building things on top of my API :)

But at the same time, I'm bringing my product to new markets. Today I launched the Airtable integration which is more aimed at individuals, as opposed to the API product itself which is aimed more at businesses.

Airtable + Bannerbear enables social media managers to generate beautiful graphic assets using just an Airtable spreadsheet.


I know quite a few social media marketing managers and one aspect of their work is producing visual assets for posting on places like Instagram, Linkedin, Newsletters etc. It's time-consuming stuff as often there is an expectation of daily content from clients.

Now they can automate this process!

For the indie hackers following along, I've also introduced a new price point, $39 / mo for the low-end plan, aimed at individuals.

I do get the odd inquiry asking me why don't I have a $5 plan or a $9 plan etc... but I'm standing firm. I said a while back that I don't think price points like those are sustainable, I still believe that, and I'm hoping through providing enough value to the right segment, I can prove myself right!

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    Awesome stuff. I love APIs. Other than this, I didn't know about Airtable. It seems like just the perfect solution I was looking for as it has both images and data. I might use it in my project. Thanks for sharing.