First product launched!

Just a quick note to say the Mojosaas MRR journey has begun, with the launch of the first product: votemojo.com

Votemojo is voting board software that you can embed on your website. You can use it to get customer feedback and to learn what your community really wants!

I know I'm going to get a mixed response with this one as there are some similar tools out there. But as someone who wasted a good half of a year chasing after a market that I "thought existed" when it didn't, I'm personally looking to aim at more proven, mature markets now.

I think there's still tons of ways to spin new products for large, mature markets though. My angle with Votemojo is simplicity. The other products in the voting space all do too many things for me - they mostly tend to get into the project management, issue tracking etc space which are areas I already have tools for and am happy with. I literally just wanted a board for my users to vote on things.

If you're interested in hearing more, I babbled into the camera for 6 minutes here: https://www.mojosaas.com/articles/vlog-episode-2-votemojo/ :)

The real fun starts here - gotta get that MRR metric moving!

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    Yeah that's great that you use it yourself, but I wish it was right on the home page!
    I think communities like IH would benefit from using such a solution, e.g everyone bother Courtland with ideas, but if the voting for these will be right there on the Home it'll be much more democratic.
    However, democracy is not something everyone strive for (and I think mostly that's a wrong thing)

  2. 2

    Awesome first release Jon, very clean and minimal! Also, love that you're using your own product on the Mojosaas Ideas Board 👌

  3. 1

    I do think it's a good idea!

    I like your approach of using your own products!

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    Just curious, what market did you think exist but didn't?

    1. 1

      You can read more about that in this blog post:

      And this twitter thread:

      The target was remote teams, the market was remote team video tools - at least in my experience, it turned out that remote teams didn't want async video tools, they were happy with real-time apps.

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        Holy moly. It's insane that you can get more than 5,000 signups and still couldn't pivot into something people want based on user feedback. Just goes to show how freaking hard it is to get something off the ground these days.

        Sometimes it feels you can have so many conversations with so many users yet learn so little that's actionable in terms of moving the product forward and achieving product-market fit.

        Much respect to you for not giving up and still soldiering on with a new product. You have crazy determination, that's for sure. Success will be inevitable.

        PS I see you live in Singapore. I used to live in Singapore and even got quite involved in the startup scene for a while (e.g. I presented my startup at E27's Echelon before). I don't think there's a more vibrant startup scene in Asia. Good for you!

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    That is awesome! how does it get embedded on the website? via iframes?

    1. 2

      yes - I looked at a few different examples of embeddable products and initially I thought it was going to be more complicated... but it turns out that everyone just uses an iframe.

      There's a little bit of logic involved to get the iframe to resize relative to the content, but nothing too complicated.

      Things will start to get complicated if I get more users and the users have high traffic sites - at that stage I'll have to do more caching etc, but for now it works fine and if it gets to that point, well, that's a good problem to have!

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        Cheers for the response!

        Yes definitely that is a good problem to have! Best of luck, thanks again for the quick response!

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