November 7, 2019

Set up the Previewmojo blog

Jon Yongfook @yongfook

Small one for today, but important. I set up the blog on Previewmojo and posted the first article:

I’m fairly old school when it comes to marketing. I’m not going to be trying anything hacky. I’m just going to be doing more of what I know, which is writing content. It’s early days for the blog, but I hope to use it as a place to write about scaling up marketing, design tips - basically the themes that are related to previewmojo and hopefully this content will find its way to the intended audience.

I like to think that these “traditional methods” still work. Email marketing, content marketing, so that’s what I’ll be investing most of my time in!

(Btw the image below was of course generated by Previewmojo 😉)