September 11, 2019

Starting over!

Jon Yongfook @yongfook

Today I start again. Sort of.

A year ago I pledged to launch 12 startups in 12 months. I managed to launch 7 products in 7 months, before deciding to focus on one of them. A couple of the others were acquired, and a couple of the others went nowhere.

Sadly, I couldn't make it work and I spent the last 4 months trying to squeeze out a drop of revenue from the one project I chose to focus on. Today I'm shutting it down.

The good news is, over the last year I've learned a ton about what I'm capable of, what customers are looking for, the type of company I want to run and more. So I'm putting my learnings into this new project, Mojosaas.

I'll be launching 2 or 3 SaaS products under this brand, with a more niche focus and an open startup approach. Think of Mojosaas as an indie, open SaaS studio :)

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