February 27, 2020

Hired a Remote Intern to make my idea into reality

Saurabh @nix2020

I am very pleased to share that it’s been a month working from idea phase to finalise it make it happen.

I am full time application developer in a startup and can’t manage time more than 2-3 hours a day. I just want to make it happen soon. so, i take help from my friend and behalf of his company i hired a Intern (UI) who can work with me, while i am developing all the business logics, he can developed the UI and UX of the application.

So, guys we are coming up with the customer support application with Email, chat and social network like Facebook and twitter support. So, that you don’t have to manage your customers queries/problems from the different platforms.

I am halfway to the MVP of our product with mind blowing features.

See here for more information:

it’s currently hosted on dummy domain, while i am working on to find the suitable domain name.

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