October 20, 2019

Almost MVP complete

Cesar @Numbers88s

The last two months have been crazy. My wife just gave birth to our first child and it has definitely been an adjustment to say the least. Definitely less time to work on the project in the beginning. That been said after getting back into some sort of a routine, I have found myself being more purposeful and disciplined with getting this project finished. In the few moments I can spare when I'm not helping my wife between feedings, changing diapers, and putting the little one to sleep, I have looked forward to sitting quietly and continue coding. Paternity leave has helped provide more time also. It also helps to code with my son sleeping on my chest. I think I code better.

Now about the project, I had to redo the models to improve the way I calculate our metrics and be able to provide better statistics. I just finished that work on the back end and front end. Now I am moving to the final feature before we are at MVP level, which is the charts and reports section.

I am hoping to complete this work in a sprint and half (3 weeks). I don't have the luxury of being on paternity leave anymore so I'll see how I juggle the workload. I also just had a meeting with the design company about the product landing page. We spec it all out and they are tackling it. Hopefully by the time the app is done, I can tackle the website.

And finally the marketing side. I know I am doing this backwards (per other entrepreneurs experiences) by building before doing the marketing or promoting. I know the project is viable as there are other products out there but I understand I have to have my own audience. So I've started learning a bit more about Mailchimp email automation and list segmentation and will probably tackle my communication tables in the coming weeks.

If you've read so far thank you so much. It's really motivating to have this sounding board and post these updates. Please follow and leave a comment or suggestion. I look forward to hearing from you. Talk to you soon.

Thanks again,


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    Congrats! :)

    When it comes to marketing have you thought about trying to pitch your app to some YouTube traders? Like TechBud solutions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlAFoYl2aWb6pMiHCctQHA ? Maybe it would be good to give them free access and get feedback? Also you could create referral programs for such communities with recurring fee? Think about it :)

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      Oh definitely! I am trying to get past at least the beta phase before reaching out to them. I was also thinking I'd reach out to the warrior trading channel too. Would just like to iron out the initial bugs. I'd would definitely provide free access for those who could offer feedback, especially to those who are in the same space. Thank you!!

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    Congrats on the baby! Thats a big deal! Make sure to take time to rest and enjoy that new part of your life.

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      Will do! Thank you!!