October 28, 2019

Update: Added Reports

Cesar @Numbers88s

Like I said I am going to post updates more frequently, as this is really motivating. I am also a solo developer and the community here in IH is so supportive. After a week of juggling work work, fatherhood and this project I was able to add 12 out of the 20 charts within the report section of the app. I am struggling with balancing how many features to include in my MVP, but given that there are other products out there that have these features, I am trying to have feature parity. If anyone has advice around this, I'd love to hear it.

This week I am working on adding the remaining 8 charts & reports. I will also probably move these updates to another forum, like the daily stand up channels here in IH. Outside of coding I am hoping that after this week I can deep dive into the Mailchimp integration and set up some automated welcome emails. I apologize to those who have signed up and have not received the most basic of welcome emails. I genuinely appreciate your patience.

That's it for now, love to hear from you guys about any comment or suggestion. Talk to you soon and thanks again!

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