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Cognitive overwhelm, lack of awareness and time-consumption are at the heart of any admin problem. Whether it’s online or offline, admin is usually scattered and can never be found easily, particularly when moving home.

October 19, 2021 Launched with the UK Post Office!

This took 4 months in the making! And now you can find us as the top featured business, and the only business, providing an address change service on their app.

Their app already has 2.3million installs! This is providing a validated pathway and boosted credibility in working with other enterprise businesses that are looking to provide an address change service for their audience.

We are finding the B2B2C space to be a great market for us to continue growing.

June 3, 2021 Instagram launch

Monadd launched on Instagram! It took about a year trying to prioritise, bootstrap, staff a position that would understand the brand, the values, social media engagement and keep up great consistency in content 😅

Follow, like, comment: 🎉

50+ followers since we launched on Tuesday so far.

July 16, 2020 First Q&A in major tech publication: Crunchbase

We are in Crunchbase today !

They did a Q&A with me on the entrepreneurial journey and how Monadd is taking the pain out of moving:

This was a month in the backburner and almost didn't do it because I was juggling too many things at once, and Q&As are at the bottom of the list and we are a super small team wearing multiple hats (mostly in tech and biz) and none of them is PR, in the long run, I did it.

Next, I want to move the business to be less about me and more about the product.

April 16, 2020 COVID-19 Payment Relief in the UK

Coronavirus put us all into lockdown, yet we instinctively wanted to help. And, we found that we can help by doing what we do best: connecting people to their service providers.

Today we are releasing a great solution to ask for COVID-19 Payment Relief. It's completely free and available in the UK. We identify your core service providers, you have the option to add more, and you can message them right away.

In less than 2 minutes anyone can email their service providers and ask for payment relief via Monadd. This is MVP of what we are aiming for, but it's a start towards the right direction.

January 16, 2020 We're on ProductHunt today

We are on ProductHunt today! Would love your support if you're in PH.

We recently received a good security testing letter from a security audit that allowed us to gain more confidence in publicly launching, which leads us to today.

December 10, 2019 Launched our first marketing campaign

Oh boy. We worked on this pretty much overnight, but had been ideating it for a couple of weeks, now it's out.

The holiday marketing campaign:
We're on a mission to minimize holiday stress with moving house and encouraging people to use our change of address service to make their lives easier. Particularly during this season.

Landing page:

Our aim: Help people and give back to those who help us

Distribution channels: Social media mostly (FB groups and Twitter posts), email to all our followers, and we may be promoting it soon with a real estate newsletter.

That's it for now - more updates to come.
Feedback and suggestions always welcomed.

December 3, 2019 Currently featured on BetaList

We just got featured in BetaList:

They sent an email yesterday saying it would take about a month for us to get reviewed or featured, but someone somewhere may have helped us skip the queue.

[UPDATE] Results so far:

Visits: 70-90 new visits per day
Users: 10+ new users
Collab/Partnerships: 1 collab opp
Engagement: About 10% bounce rate and a handful of support requests

September 8, 2019 Public Beta

After testing about 15 private beta testers we opened it up to the public in September and so far got close to 100 users.

  • We cleaned our user experience based on the feedback from beta testers
  • We found that the only way to really test the user experience is with more users
  • We published our beta throughout social media channels and networks
  • It's always tricky to get people in the right stage as our service is tailored for people who have recently moved or are moving.
June 1, 2019 Private Beta

We launched Monadd in private beta after 3 months of ongoing development. Yes, we worked weekends and nights, and all the time to get it to a good Beta stage.

We were able to do this with a remote team (Israel & UK) because:

  • We got a project manager to set up a structure we could follow
  • We established daily meetings every day - including weekends to be able to move fast
  • We learned to communicate clearly, asking questions, and challenging assumptions

And we pushed it to Beta :)


Cognitive overwhelm, lack of awareness and time-consumption are at the heart of any admin problem. Whether it’s online or offline, admin is usually scattered and can never be found easily, particularly when moving home.