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I'm working on to improve how motion comics are created and published on the web.

First paying user

I've been working on for about a year now and had no paying users. I checked my email today and saw that Paddle sent me an email informing of a new subscription!

I'll update's monthly revenue on IndieHackers.

Implement functionality to add speech bubbles

This took some time to implement but I'm really happy with the result. Here's how it works:

  • Click the "Create bubble" button to add a speech bubble
  • Drag the speech bubble to position it
  • Move the tail around the speech bubble
  • Double-click the tail to invert it

You can watch this feature in action on Twitter:

Building motion comics with HTML, CSS and JS

To help me know which features to build into, I've started building motion comics with code to gather some feedback on what kind of motion comics readers would enjoy reading.

The first motion comic I made with code is a web-based imitation of the motion comic cutscenes of the game Gravity Rush 2. Check it out here:

I received some good feedback on

  1. Rough and unpolished speech bubbles
  2. Confusion regarding how to navigate the panels
  3. Confusing unconventional panel flow due to lack of explanation

Other issues were listing too, along with encouragement regarding the concept.

The next step is to address those issues. I have already polished the speech bubbles and the two other issues will be addressed soon.

Introduction of a paid plan

Using, now charges new users $10/month and existing users get to use it for free for a year. Visitors can click on "Open Demo" on the home page and try without signing up.

Demo added to the homepage

I received feedback that lacked a demo to demonstrate what the tool could do. So a demo motion comic was added to the homepage and now it only takes a few seconds to understand value proposition of on Product Hunt was well-received and ended up ranking 5th product of the day.

I'm working on to improve how motion comics are created and published on the web.