December 19, 2019

"Best piano recital ever" - Parent Review

Justin Maner @Justjack

Something that made my week this week was a parent sending me a note saying "Best piano recital ever!" She signed up her son to have a motivation fund of $50 toward his hover board if he can do his homework and piano lessons every day right after school for 3 months. He has been nailing it and because of the now habitual piano practice, he is doing better than ever at the piano. Now, how do I maximize the value of this testimonial? Written testimonial? Do a video of me on YouTube so people hear my excitement? Get her to do a video review? All of the above?

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    Can you ask her for a video review and let me know if it works out? My new product is a video review platform so I'd be interested to know!

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      Will do! Do you have any tips on how to get the best testimonial possible? Do I have her answer a list of questions? Do I just leave it completely up to her? Do I give her some specific things I want her to hit on? Do I need to give her instructions on whether it should be portrait or landscape or lighting or video angles?

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        I think the key is to get some genuine emotion in there, so timing is an important factor. I would ask her if she can film a short clip of him playing piano and then talk to the camera for a few seconds about what it means to her to see him improving like that. Let her decide on the filming angles as she needs to feel as natural as possible.

        You could also send her a short video of you explaining why you are asking for a video testimonial - this will make her feel less awkward about doing it.

        Just some thoughts, let me know how it goes!

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          Fantastic suggestion!

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