December 23, 2019

First $1000 goal on Motivation Fund

Justin Maner @Justjack

We just had the first person commit $1000 to their weight loss action plan of exercise every day and portion control. We still need to create a ton of content to help walk people through the program. Even with a strong commitment, there is still lot you need to know and understand to hit a goal. Having a REALLY serious customer is providing a lot of motivation to do so. At the same time, I put out an ad example on FB that has generated some controversy on whether the whole idea around motivation fund is flawed or not. The controversy has been that some feel like 1) they would never risk losing money for a goal 2) it seems frivolous and will only have a chance in a US-based/affluent culture and 3) money/risk of losing money does not create long term habit. What do you think? Is using a financial incentive/risk as a way to commit and then providing tools/content/accountability/etc. a viable way to help people achieve a goal?

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