December 19, 2019

Got our FB page up (83 likes) for Motivation Fund

Justin Maner @Justjack

I took a lot of the feedback from IH on our landing page and used that when building out our FB page. I got 83 likes by sending to my friends. One key mistake I realized I made in the landing page is that I focused too much on what the product is and how it works and not on the personal benefit. My marketing professors would be ashamed. :) Based on the hierarchical value map I learned in my marketing classes, you have product features -> feature benefits -> personal benefits -> values. Marketing to people based on values is too vague and features is too specific. Personal benefits is what typically proves to be the most valuable. Would love any feedback you have on the FB page. We still are only getting a small trickle of signups. How do I reach my target audience with a compelling message?

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