November 25, 2019

Reached Ramen Profitability


Mountain Peak CBD Oil is now making $4000 a month, enough to cover my rent and expenses!

Probably the biggest thing that helped me get here was charging more. I charge companies around $400 a month, so I only needed 10 paying customers.

This is super exciting, because it means that I can theoretically afford to quit my job and go full-time on Mountain Peak CBD Oil. But I'm not sure if I'll make that jump just yet…

Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached 17,000+ active users per week
    We have reached 17,000+ active users. Still, most of the installations come from Google search, Google Chrome store and our site
  • hits $590 in new recurring sales 🚀
    It's our end of the month post 💥 Since we re-launched and switched over to Stripe we have now reached $590 in new recurring sales during the month of
  • Fired our first $549 customer!
    We had a great customer who loved what we were doing, paid us $549 upfront for a custom logo and loved his proposals. But we fired him (nicely) and ga
  • Launched
    After coding an early draft 6 months prior, we cleaned up the code and launched the extension on the Google Web Store. Within 3 months, we had 300,000
  • First Group Donation to Girls Who Code
    This month, we are doing something really exciting! We ran a big pricing change on MentorCruise, which also allows previously free mentors to set up a
  • Launched on Producthunt
    Today I launched my project on producthunt: This idea came to me about a month ago, when I saw how great the
  • Interviewed at YCombinator
    After a successful YC application, the 10 min interview didn't go as well because we couldn't prove our viability of a tool that would be better than
  • Shipped the first Magazine
    We shipped the first magazine out to about 100 paying customers. The hardest part was formatting. I spent about $1,500 on a freelance designer to form
  • First code commit
    Followed by weeks of aggressive hacking.
  • First paid customer