August 13, 2019

Live on the Slack App Directory!

Ryan J. Yost @Ryan217

After a month-ish of building upon my existing work to integrate the game within Slack, it's paid off!

You can now predict Rotten Tomatoes scores of upcoming movies against your coworkers in Slack.

Why Slack?

  • After playing the game with a couple groups in GroupMe (simple chat app), I realized that when I or others would share the idea of the game, folks wanted to play but didn't want to use GroupMe, or hadn't even heard of it. Totally understandable. I thought about just sticking with only GroupMe as MVP, but more and more people were being excluded b/c of that limitation.
  • I always discuss movies with coworkers, and figured playing within Slack would be a welcome bit of fun during the day and way to become closer to my coworkers.
  • I've seen other IndieHackers find success leveraging traffic from the Slack app directory.
  • I've been hesitant to make the game 100% standalone, b/c that'd be a shit ton more work than leveraging existing social platforms, which make people more likely to play the game together, and I'd have to market from scratch, whereas I should hopefully get eyeballs from the Slack directory
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