How I figured out what MS Word add-in to build

A few months back I was doing work for a client which led me to learn how to build Microsoft Word add-ins. While I was in the add-in store I remembered some things I'd heard on the IH podcast about looking for ways to provide value. I thought about what kind of thing might be missing from the add-in space that would bring value to a large group of people.

So I typed in a bunch of different searches. Soon I struck gold. A search with zero results, which seemed like an absolute no-brainer in terms of market size. The word I searched for was "christian", then "christ", and "bible". Nothing at all came up. Zero add-ins existed for this.

So I built this MVP: http://wordbibleaddin.com/

It's an MS Word add-in for searching the Bible. It makes it super easy to find and insert right verse into your Word document. Check out the animated gif if you want to see it in action. Simple right?

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