September 17, 2019

Discover everything musical in your hometown ...

John Cole @jcolegrf

... and beyond.

Where fans can make money supporting their favorite musicians on regional bulletin boards.

Believe it or not ... fairly complicated message. Out of the box. Away from the usual, “I sell. You buy.” Actually, transactions occur on Muezbiz for potentially millions of people selling and buying.

Similar to eBay. Different. eBay sets up an online barter system between user and seller. Muezbiz sets a stage where sellers can offer a globe of representatives of musical stuff on regional bulletins. Where anyone can freely set up a store and represent their favorite content to their local market.

Simple. Difficult to convey.

Then add the competition where our musical world has raced toward the streaming models. Talking about people actually buying music seems pretty ridiculous nowadays.

How to differentiate? The key becomes a means to publicize anything local. The competition turns to local media.

I will need to differentiate further exaggerating advantages of what Muezbiz has over local media:

  1. A means for users to discover local events all over the country.
  2. Performers can manage their own publicity, and upload roadshows.
  3. Fans can easily find regional events easily then the myriad of calendars common today.

Recognition of unique value can rise above the crowded field.


John Cole, founder

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