September 30, 2019

Graduated Y Combinator's online #SUS2019

John Cole @jcolegrf

YC’s contribution into understanding web product development is a priceless experience.

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I am located in New Mexico, one of the poorest states in the U.S. Tech knowledge is pretty limited here. Our state is trying to grow, and is certainly a wonderful place to establish. Recently, a lot of tech has begun to move forward in Albuquerque, mostly evolving around film, and data centers.

Schools have been teaching, while graduates leave for jobs, or work for out of state firms. A chicken and egg problem.

Muezbiz is a social site mashed up with e-commerce, filtered by region and interest. Truly a Silicon Valley idea trying to build in a state surrounded by traditional values. Capital is very limited.

When I read on YC's site, “If you have an idea larger then Google, we want to hear it.” I was convinced I had come to the right place.

In New Mexico, Muezbiz simply doesn't register as authentic. Sadly so. The fact. is real and functioning, and could use more qualified coders to hop on board. Funding co-founders is very difficult for a pre-equity start up.

YC has taught me the beginnings of how furthering the Muezbiz idea can be possible in a way web tech business talks.

Thank you to everyone at YC.


John Cole, founder and primary developer of