September 10, 2019

Messaging Getting Tighter

John Cole @jcolegrf

At this early stage, messaging is a constant tweak, or as YC likes to say, “Iterate.”

One of our requirements for YC’s online sessions is to attend meetings every Thursday with other founders and co-founders. Each meeting starts with an investor pitch. I'm finding a lot of founders don’t have a handle on this yet. Mostly because they are involved with product market fit. Eventually, if they hang in, they will take to language development.

These meetings have proven to be excellent for AB testing messaging. One week I get, “What”? The following week I receive wonderful comments, “It's such a cool project, although it aims to get money for musicians, still feels local, friendly and casual”!

Like ’s landing page, messaging continues to develop for both customers (musicians and fans), and potential investors.

Thanks to YC, my landing page is starting to convert, aligning with messaging.

Once I can clarify with users in a non-threatening manner, not a hard sell, I believe more will join.

Also this past week, I have been able to start positively messaging why users consider using Muezbiz versus the streaming models.

“Listen to music ... stream it. Want do discover everything musical in your hometown and beyond ... think”

“Pin anything musical onto your hometown bulletin boards.”

I am finding the differentiation helpful, I am talking to people, not just musicians, or fans.

Every encounter seems to demand a certain amount of improve. Allowing for more freedom of expression excepts the fact that every situation is unique. Pitches that are more fluid, allow more spontaneity, and thereby more interplay between person pitching and listening. One of the easiest ways to penetrate is to actively listen.

I continue to explore pitches. Probably will be until the day I check out.

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