September 1, 2019

Recognizing Potential Investor Focus

John Cole @jcolegrf

At Muezbiz’s root sits a simple truth: Working together can change the world.

It has taken me a while to accept this reality. At first I was focused on the e-commerce functionality merged with the social, filtered by interest and region. Therefor, convincing myself I was sure to find investors interested in e-commerce. What little I knew.

All along I have recognized how messaging is key, and I have made more then my fair share of mistakes trying to break through very large customer perceptions.

Presently the site has 118 members. For this idea to work, there needs to be a lot more ... 10,000. Particularly for retention. Seems to me that between Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque NM, should be possible?

As an entrepreneur, one can’t help ask? Is this the right product market fit?

Presently, I am involved with Y Combinator’s online startup school. One video featured the question, “When should you hang up your idea”? Well? I am certainly not ready to give up on an idea requiring so many users. The questions is how to gain those users?

My first answer is, define my own market. Don’t follow. Make clear what makes different from all the others without mentioning their name.

Because I have more time then resources, I depend on volunteerism.

Social consciousness, is my focus now. After all, I am an older hippy who still believes in social movements.

I need team members who truly understand the nature of internet business and value the arts. A difficult task to find qualified individuals in New Mexico, USA. I haven’t given up yet.

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