November 26, 2020

Multiavatar Generator

Gie Katon @giekaton

The Multiavatar Generator is a custom-built vanilla JavaScript avatar generator. It is free to use and open-source.

From the beginning of the project, the aim was to generate more avatars than there are people in the world, so at least 8 billion.

No other publicly available avatar script was able to generate a billion or more visually rich avatars, so a custom algorithm for Multiavatar was required.

Multiavatar is coded in vanilla JavaScript to be universally supported across different platforms. The code and the graphic design vector shapes are optimized for a lightweight build and fast performance. Including all design assets, the final stand-alone Multiavatar script size is only 68 KB.

  1. 3

    Impressive numbers and cute avatars.

    Apparently my family named me falsely, this doesn't look like me.

    1. 2

      Haha! Thanks for the feedback.

      Also, from your comment, I see the need to make avatars available as png links, so that you won't need to host images using an external service...

      1. 2

        That would be quite handy.

        1. 2

          Hi and Happy New Year!

          Just letting you know that this feature is now available with the Multiavatar API.

          Simply add the file extension to the end of the URL. The avatar will be generated, cached, and can be linked to from anywhere.


          Embedding with Markdown:

          1. 2

            That’s great.

            Happy new years!

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