January 25, 2021

1000 lists created since 2 weeks

Michael @Etheon

My first "achievement".

1000 lists have been created since the opening of the site about 2 weeks ago. A good half thanks to Hacker news!

An interesting thing, I'm already receiving visits via Google and Duckduckgo. I'm thinking of focusing on SEO in the long term, especially with the opening of the blog.

I also took the opportunity to improve the landing page, and give more explanations to users. I also created a contact page.

In short, Multy is progressing well, having users motivates a lot!

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    I really like this! One suggestion, why not post all link lists to the website. A user could choose to make their list public on the site (or not). Then other visitors could browser other peoples link lists by category selection or by filter, like a directory, and share other peoples lists, upvote, like, follow. I think that would be really cool.

    1. 1

      This is a great idea and I've been thinking about it for a few days but I don't know what is the best approach here...
      At the creation I can simply ask the user if the list is public or private, but after that... Do I simply have a big directory? Or user may add tags at creation, but I don't want to make list creation too complicated.

      Upvote, like etc would be cool, but I have to create a signup/login system, and I plan it very clearly, but not right away ^^

      Create a community around multy is definitely something very interesting, but you have to prepare it well!

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        I don't code so I don't know if this is possible but could a tag be created from a keyword in the list title? For directory filtering purposes.
        Have people login with their Twitter account to create a list, then when other visitors share via Twitter, the original list creator gets tagged in the Tweet? But for visitors just browsing and sharing, don't require a login. Just some suggestions, things that I would find useful.

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