October 11, 2019

WordPress integration

Youssef Selkani @usfslk

Now simply provide your blog URL and get all your posts listed in a native way, I made this new feature free for a limited time, still working on categories and tags, will post screenshots of how it looks on the mobile app later on.

Get started today at murkstom.com

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    Done great. Keep it up! I want to make my own blog using wordpress too but for now, I'm collecting information about this CMS. I just don't have enough experience with it. A couple of days ago I figured out how to install a payment gateway plugin https://fondy.eu/en-ie/cms/wordpress/ for a site.

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    I had a look but when trying to go the the signup form I get an error:

    1. 1

      It means you have to type in an email address before clicking sign up button, I agree it's confusing at first but the error message it's pretty clear.

      1. 1

        Oh, so it's a combined sign up and login form?

        I'd separate them if so (imo a bit confusing)

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