Added a blog section

Added a simple WordPress instance in order to publish support articles on how things are done and eventually start adding blog posts. I haven't used WP in a few years and am super glad it has become easy to use and customize. You can checkout the start of the blog/support here http://blog.musicmeal.io

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    Cool site... But about the blog section: a subfolder is better than a subdomain. Better SEO practice.

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      I second that! We switched our blog and now docs to subdomain recently - I actually posted a milestone about it just Today as well. It might not be easy to achieve that with WordPress, though.

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        Yes, It is possible with WordPress. @k_ivanow created his blog with WordPress. He can transfer his install just like normal Wordpress migration. It is very easy with Wordpress, it only takes a few minutes. You just need to create a subfolder and migrate your subdomain Wordpress to it.

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          That's great! Thanks for letting me know. Then it's settled, subfolder wins :)

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      Hi @BikramDBZ and thanks for the feedback! Just to clarify what do you mean by subfolder vs subdomain - http://blog.musicmeal.io/ vs http://musicmeal.io/blog/ or something else?

      P.S. Apologies in advance if the question is stupid, but its the first time I am giving the blog/support articles a shot, so I am a total newbie when it comes to organizing them

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        Dude, I see http://blog.musicmeal-io/ and http://musicmeal-io/blog/ both are active, one is titled blog and the other is docs. That is not good. And about subfolder vs subdomain: subfolder domain/blog/ is right and subdomain is wrong when it comes to SEO. If you want both docs and the blog, the best practice would be a blog and docs subfolder.

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          Thank you! The subfolder URL is probably a mistake when setting up the wordpress. It wasn't intentional and I'll for sure add another subfolder when it comes to a separation of docs and blog.
          Switched the WP to be pointing to the sub folder and added a redirect from the sub domain to the sub folder, so now only https://musicmeal.io/blog exists

          Thank you so much for the feedback and the tip!

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