November 17, 2019

Grandmother trigger

Artem Shar @ArtemShar

Yesterday I visited my grandmother. We set in her kitchen and talked about our news and about the flexibility of mind, the rules that are established by culture and our attitude to this (but this is a different story!). As often happens, at the end of the talk, my grandma began to explain about problems she faces in using her smartphone and laptop. And this time she asked me the following, verbatim:

"Sometimes, on WhatsApp, I getting good songs in my messages, for example, some music of my youth. How can I prevent it from getting lost in chats? Can I save the music that I like in a separate folder so that I can find and open it later?"

I didn't speak her to the topic of music that evening. And after her question, I was very excited!

She doesn't know about my startup, she doesn't know what problems I think in the last two years, at least. And she describes almost exactly the main pain that I want to solve!

First of all, it’s a simple opportunity to save and have access to your favorite music forever. Don't be attached to any streaming service, messenger or social network. Also, you haven't any problems with storing media content.

She is not the first, who share music listening experience to me. But she became the trigger to the fact that the problem is worth efforts. I already have enough visibility and analytics to try to solve the problem as I want.

In total, I have already talked with dozens of people about how they listen to music now - in 2018, 2019 years. I asked questions, like:

  • how often do you listen to music?
  • what services do you use for this?
  • do you pay for music and in whats format?
  • do you remember what you listened to?
  • do you listen to mixes? etc.

It is difficult to describe the specific conclusions that I made, these were different people, different answers. But the main thing that I understood is that music is not indifferent to people at any age and involvement, despite the fact that it isn't the main thing in life, and that sometimes people are not ready to pay for it and spend a lot of time. But they want, they want to music be in their life and that’s enough!

In addition, I myself am not satisfied with the current decisions in my experience of listening to music, the way of collecting, access in different situations, simple control all favorite music. Despite the fact that I'm not a DJ or musician, who is ready to devote too much time to this.

My youth fell on the rapid revolution of formats, the development of the Internet and the rapidly changing ways of consuming music.
First, cassettes, radio, then mp3 and storage on the computer’s hard drive, then there were torrents, online stores, social networks, streaming services, and by the way, vinyl - vinyl still has, it’s alive. Also, around in 2008-2013, I was a sound producer, but I consciously left this.

In my next step, I'm going to create the first version of the application, which I should report in the next article.

See you!

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