Started a YouTube channel

In an attempt to improve my personal brand as well as put more useful content out to the development community, I decided to start a YouTube channel. This will be mainly focused around C# and dotnet but not specifically.
I’m new to making content so please feel free to give some critique 😊


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    Good luck! I find figuring out YouTube very rewarding 😃

    One test you may want to run would be to differentiate the text of your title from the text shown on your actual thumbnail. You can potentially increase intrigue by having that thumbnail text convey an additional reason to click.

    For example, for your video "Creating The Projects - Unit Testing with C# and XUnit - #01", you could use thumbnail text of "short & simple setup". If someone finds this video in search, that teases additional value and you re-iterate this exact phrase in the first 11s... reaffirming for someone that they're about to get the value they were pitched (and lowering the chance of a bounce).

    Love the cohesive look on them from the start!

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      That’s some really useful advice! Do you think it’s worthwhile keeping the name of the course in the videos and the thumbnail? I’m wondering if I’m making it look a little cluttered?

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        That's probably something worth testing too, but in the beginning it will be a bit painful until you have some more data. If you end up seeing those words in your analytics for search terms it might be good to leave them in.

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