October 15, 2019

Mutant - we found our name

Irina Caraivan @IrinaC

The code-name for our product was asd14.xyz. Needless to say, I was not happy with it. So I started searching for a name that reflected what our board stands for - data-awareness, product planning and development, trial and error, rapid iteration. It wasn't easy, and I know it may seem a waste of time before actually launching. BUT I really believed that a good name would give us a sense of identity.

I used https://deepnamer.com/ a lot to combine words and check their availability as a domain, I highly recommend it. I even offered for an user interview for them, this is how much I appreciated their product.

Then I found a simple word that we all loved: Mutant. We really liked how it transmits the survival of the fittest idea & evolution of the weird, which is so essential in a product's lifecycle. I also instantly thought of a logo - please check it at https://getmutant.com

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