December 23, 2019

Got the first client by MVP budget!

Jakub Klimek @klijakub

Three days ago MVP Budget converted for the first time. One user typed his budget which he wants to spend on his MVP, checked what exactly is he needs, submit it and contacted us. To make a long story short: we're starting to build a new MVP on 3rd January! <3

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    Congratulations! 🎉

    I checked out MVP Budget and I am very impressed. So simple but so snappy / fluid. I love how you've added those little touches for when someone inputs a silly budget!

    What was this built with?

    1. 2

      Thank you so much! :)
      React.js + gatsby framework, and Lambda Functions with Node.js to contact form, stats e.t.c ;)

      1. 2

        Nice! You may be able to help me actually.. I want to build a very simple landing page to capture interest. My idea requires me to capture interest from both companies and individuals so I want a selector that updates the contents of the page based on what you click (without reloading as your page does).

        I can just about build a landing page but I'm no developer. How would I accomplish this?

        1. 1

          Hi @Founda, @klijakub has delegated me to follow up as he is currently on vacation, how can I help you? 🎅🏻

          1. 1

            Just how to do the above? I.e. have a split landing page where you can select one of two options that changes the content on the page without reloading?


  2. 3

    That’s awesome! How did you acquire that user? Organic?

    1. 2

      Thank you :)) He found us on quora answer ;)

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