November 9, 2019

Soft launched and published two interviews!

Matic Jurglič @jurgen

MyHandmadeStory is my new side project where I will be featuring success stories from makers who create handmade products (people who sell on Etsy and similar).

I make and sell handmade items myself, and I constantly see makers from handmade communities struggle with things like how to launch their product, market and grow their business. Inspired by Indie Hackers and Starter Story, I want to create a place where makers can learn and get motivated.

Using cold outreach emailing I was recently able to convince two business owners to write their story in a form of an interview, which I already featured on MyHandmadeStory.

I struggled getting these interviews as MyHandmadeStory is a brand new, unestablished website, without any content at that point. I had to convince them that once the website takes off, it will bring them traffic and a SEO boost. Out of 50 people I reached out to, only 2 agreed to do it. This was a great opportunity for me to practice outreach and "sales".

I believe getting more content will get easier once I manage to get more interviews and build up some social media following.

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