January 1, 2020

Came up with the idea

Tuna Tore @tunatore

The success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always impressed me so much. I also know that the upcoming adoption of cryptocurrencies could be even more spectacular. It seems that we are still in the early days of cryptocurrency adoption, and it is not far away to see their mainstream usage.

While I was searching and learning how to create a Bitcoin address basically for my own usage, I came up with the idea of creating mycrypto.tools — an online & offline Bitcoin and Ethereum secure address generation tool and step-by-step cryptocurrency address generation course. During this research, I always struggled to find credible wallets/sources to create Bitcoin/Ethereum addresses — most known ones.

It wasn't very easy for me as a developer to create a Bitcoin or Ethereum address because most of the content provided online was not complete or up-to-date. Then, I decided to simplify the address generation process and came up with the idea to create and provide a simple cryptocurrency course, including all the steps of address generation. I aim to educate people so that they can confidently create their Bitcoin / Ethereum addresses offline without the need of downloading wallets.

So, I will achieve this with a course around 2-2.5 hours for the people in all levels, but mostly for the people having at least some level of technical knowledge or interest to follow step-by-step tutorials.

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