January 1, 2020

Completed MVP

Tuna Tore @tunatore

I completed the website part at https://mycrypto.tools
It took me almost 2 months to finalize this as a side-project apart from my daily work. But I should accept the fact that sometimes I worked long hours on evenings and weekends.

I built the website using AWS Serverless Architecture. I also explained this in more detail in a blog post. Please check the following blog post to know the architecture in details.


By using this architecture, I don't need to pay so much of money to maintain https://mycrypto.tools. Since we don't have any servers, the operational cost is almost nothing. The website is mostly used to server some of the functionalities online but my main source of income will be from an online cryptocurrency course which will be promoted on https://mycrypto.tools.

Our technology stack:


Java 8 (Google Guava + Jackson + CryptoCurrency Libraries)

Amazon SDK (Software Development Kit - AWS Lambda)

Amazon CLI (Amazon Command Line Interface)

Node.js 10.x

FreeMarker as Java Template Engine

Rome Java Framework for RSS


UI (User-Interface):




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