January 2, 2020

Completed the most of important parts

Tuna Tore @tunatore

I completed most of the important parts of mycrypto.tools, and I am not adding any additional functionalities. I will be recording the cryptocurrency course soon. I have all the source code ready for the upcoming course.

Now I am able to provide the following services:

Bitcoin Address Validation - https://mycrypto.tools/btcaddressvalidator.html

Ethereum Address Validation - https://mycrypto.tools/ethaddressvalidator.html

Bitcoin Address Generator - https://mycrypto.tools/btcaddresssimple.html

Bitcoin Address Generator - Technical version - https://mycrypto.tools/btcaddress.html (detailed explanation of address generation)

Ethereum Address Generator - https://mycrypto.tools/ethaddress.html

Sample Ethereum and Bitcoin Addresses -

Cryptocurrency prices and news -

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