January 9, 2020

Started recording an udemy course

Tuna Tore @tunatore

I've started recording an udemy course about cryptocurrency address generation.

Benefits of attending this cryptocurrency course are listed below:

Complete ownership of your public and private keys for Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Complete ownership of the source codes to create private keys — open-source software.

Understand how the addresses are created step by step (with a simplified language) without depending on external parties such as companies providing software wallets or cold wallets also named as cold storage.

You will be able to encrypt your private keys and store in a safe place without the need to share anywhere which provides you the opportunity to send some cryptocurrency to your offline address and store it for many years in a safe location.

You don't need to depend on anyone apart from following this course — which is simplified and based on open source software — while creating your cold/paper wallets.

Understand Bitcoin and Ethereum, Blockchain, Crypto Wallet Types, and history of cryptocurrencies.

My plan is to complete the course in one week.


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