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To help developers and programmers showcase their work quickly, easily and effectively

Added user accounts!

For a while it's been obvious that I needed to add user accounts and persist data. Given that the app is effectively a website builder, it makes sense that people would need to log in, leave, come back and pick up where they left off. My app couldn't support that. Until now.

Some firebase magic and we now have a better login/sign up flow and I can persist data to a database.

The next step is to take a look at the sites people are building, figure out what the stumbling block is for them that they didn't finish it, and reach out and try help.


Deciding to sunset the app

I think I'm shutting down It's been a fun side project and made some beer money, but I'm not sure it's a viable business. Also, after over a year working on it, I think I'm just a little burnt out on it right now.

So, as part of sunsetting it, I'm wrapping up a few designs I have in the pipeline for it, and turning it into a donation-based revenue model, so people can pay as little or as much as they want.

It's been fun, and I might pick it back up, but for now it won't get much of my attention...


The previous "steps" UX meant that someone could spend a few minutes inputting data to a form and not seeing anything happen.

With the update I pushed last night, users now get directed straight to a /build page, where every change they make is reflected straight away in their portfolio. I think this is much more engaging and should lead to a higher conversion rate.

I also took this opportunity to move away from the dark theme and go for a lighter background. Overall I'm much happier with the new design and layout. Now to see how the customers/visitors feel...


Price bump - and another sale

So the cheapest option I had on the site was $5 for a website, which cashed out to about €3.70 after conversion and Stripe's cut. So I bumped the price. A week later and we've another sale.... amazing.

I still don't know enough about my customers, but the small sales are amazing, they're the seeds of success, just gotta keep watering them with consistent improvements to the app!

Added portfolio designs to homepage

This is something that was obvious from the start, but hadn't got round to. Now when a user lands on the homepage, they can see the designs that are available (only two for now).

I borrowed heavily from the layout and design of for this, and it made the work a lot quicker since I didn't have too many design decisions to make.

Coincidentally (or not) I got a sale a few hours after deploying this change, and then two more in the following days. :)

Added stripe data to my profile.

The whole transparency thing is still difficult for me to do, but I'm going for it after a recent IH post shared how they got 300 users from writing about their moderate success so far. Worth a try!

To help developers and programmers showcase their work quickly, easily and effectively