November 21, 2019

Officially accepting beta tester sign ups

Andrew Ciobanasiu @andrewcio

In our first go at getting a landing page up for mylistings, we wanted to show a preview of the app but didn't have the resources at the time to build it out—especially knowing that we are still in the market research and idea validation phases.

After receiving great feedback on our initial survey blast, we moved forward with the next phase of building out mylistings. For us, this meant building out our flat mockups with code to create hi-fi prototypes that we can demo for folks interested in our product.

In the background, I've been hard at work reaching out to our local agents to get the word out in a more grassroots fashion. We haven't spent a penny yet on advertising (yet) but we already have a few dozen likes and followers to work with. It's not much, but it's definitely a promising start.

Now we're looking to expand our pool of beta testers so that we can be ready to roll out an MVP that has been looked over by professionals who can actually use mylistings as a daily go-to tool.

Check out our newly updated website at!

We also published a blog post on the @isolary website outlining some more information about where we're at: