Got my first 5 sales!

Hi everyone, I am super excited to share that I have managed to make 5 sales since I have launched SaaS Starter Kit for the Early Access program.


Since I haven't launched the product fully and haven't raised the prices to the real prices, I was keeping things low and experimenting with a couple of things:

  • I have announced it here, and I am proud and very happy to say that 3 out of these 5 sales have come from Indie Hackers!
  • I have announced the project on Reddit in r/laravel/ and r/SideProject subreddits. Especially on SideProject, it sparked some interest and people have asked many questions, which was super exciting to see for me. I believe from here, there was 1 conversion.
  • I asked a question under a tweet Adam Wathan, the creator of TailwindCSS, posted, and at some point, I have linked SaaS Starter Kit to the conversation. From then on, there were multiple people interested in the product and I believe the fifth conversion came from this traffic. This interaction has generated quite a lot of traffic.
  • I have started doing paid marketing on Twitter; and I managed to get $0.03 per-click and ~5.5% click rate, and even though there was some engagement, there hasn't been any conversion from this traffic so far. I plan to change the targeting and see how it goes.
  • I have started writing some blog posts in https://saasstarterkit.app/blog/, and this has generated some organic traffic as well.

Throughout this period, I have learned that:

  • I must put the product out there: this is hard to accept, but without telling people what I have built, it is not possible for them to buy it.
  • Content is king: I need to produce value so that the others are willing to spend their money on my product.
  • Earning your own money through a product is an amazing feeling: thanks to the money I made on Nana, I have managed to cover some infra costs as well as covering some family expenses.
  • Gumroad is a great choice to get started: it is so simple, I don't know if there is any other product out there that would have allowed me to get paid this quickly.

All in all, I am super happy and I wanted to share it with you!


Have a great week everyone!

  1. 1

    "I must put the product out there: this is hard to accept, but without telling people what I have built, it is not possible for them to buy it."
    I needed to hear that.

    Good luck!

  2. 1

    I was reading the details about your project and I certanly say that it should be more sponsoring to reach a major clientele.
    I'm going to vote up you:)

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