January 13, 2020

Facebook Post Boost Experiment

Paul Rhodes @Rhodesie

Nap O'Clock is a product which provides white-noise to help fascilitate sleep in younger children....This has been done before.... It's not hugely unique, nor does it give much more functionality, at a mobile phone app level, than most other products. The only thing it gives which is different is little helpful tips for parents when trying to put their kids to sleep.

Starting in November last year, I decided to change my strategy; I wanted to make Nap O'Clock as more of a platform in helping parents with difficult moments in their newborn's development. I have a small gathering of people who like the page etc., but hadn't started growing the page.

After a while posting parenting tips to the Nap O'Clock Facebook I one day noticed that the page was given $10- credit from Facebook to "Boost" a post. I narrowed down my audience to around 35,000 people and ran with it and these are the results:

  1. 2738 people reached, 1129 or which were organic by way of shares and likes.
  2. 209 reactions, none negative, including 44 shares.
  3. 0 "Learn More" link clicks which went to the Nap O'Clock website.
  4. 0 Page Likes.
  5. Most traffic from USA... like literally 95% which is strange because I would have expected AU and NZ traffic moreso...

Ad revenue made from the App?


Downloads of the App


I have posted new content since the "boost" to generate more traffic, but still have the basic reach I started with.

Anyways, I thought I would share. Good experiment with FB advertising; will have to keep trying :)

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