August 27, 2019

Onboarded the first 15 users

Nathan Ganser @Webbiger

Because we're a chatbot, we're not approved by Google. And this creates a lot of mistrust..

Luckily, our early users do trust us and shared their gmail data despite google's warning.

Now it's time to collect feedback from them and understand what they think.

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    So you want to create an algorithm to rule human relations? That sounds so creepy 😩

    1. 1

      What? No, nothing creepy here. We created an algorithm to give you insights into how close you are with your gmail contacts. This gives a lot of transparency! For example, you can easily see who you're losing touch with, with whom you're super close and so on.
      What do you think?

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        That sounds very good for a salesman who needs to keep in touch with hundreds of leads. As you surely know, there is already a specific tool for that called CRM. A salesman needs it to keep in touch with all of his leads because he needs to close deals.

        Nat Bot is intended for personal use. That means the bot will control my relations with my mates, colleagues, family members etc. With Nat, I will be able to stay close even with those I do not really care. This care imitation will create a fake feeling of friendship. To be honest, that sounds very Black Mirror-ish to me.

        P.S.: No offense 😄