December 23, 2019

Started on the project MVP

Catalystic @catalystic

For another project our navigation bar and control panel was getting cluttered. Instead of pushing option into dropdown (increasing the clicks) we decided to rethink our strategy of a user navigating.

We though about sticking as close as possible to the keyboard and saw similarities in UX flow on launcher apps (think Spotlight or Alfred). We decided to build the same solution for our app and our customers seemed to use it as default (clearing up the panel control real estate for more dashboard widgets).

Our strategy @ ByteBeacon is to build things in a modular fashion, so pulling this widget out as a separate service was easy and we started rolling it out to our users from previous app to see if they'd be willing to try this new navigation flow out.

We slowly saw an increase in demand and scope to this becoming a search bar (internal and external but related to website's content). Hence we decided to build out the backend indexing framework and got behind this project.

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