September 28, 2019

Third newsletter and my first mistake

Chris Ellis @ChrisEllis

I've posted my third newsletter and also made my first mistake. It was a struggle getting a newsletter out this week as I do a bit of it while I work on my lunch break. I had a lot of interruptions during my lunch break so I was a bit strapped finishing it.

I've been reading James clear's atomic habits and have found a weekly newsletter is mostly habits. Several times a week I need to review the leads coming into my news feed, and then craft the email Thursday night.

As for my mistake, I have finally checked the newsletter on my phone and have found that one of my sources looks click baity on mobile. One of my implicit desires with this newsletter is to provide quality links information and I'm not happy with the mobile experience.

In good news, I have switched to netify functions which is just freaking awesome. It creates a serverless function that enrolls people in my mailing list on MailChimp.

I need to start plugging my app more to get more subscribers and I'd like to start putting more analytics on the site.

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