August 11, 2019

2nd Iteration on our MVP

Belal Mostafa Mohamed @belalamin

Today I announce that I have successfully completed the 2nd iteration on the same track.

for those who don't know what we are doing, here is it again " we launched our MVP today with a super deal. it is basically a multi-vendor marketplace to sell ready XMLs for mobile application. this shall cut the expenses/time for the development of any mobile app with 20-40%. I wish everyone say he opinion honestly and openly. I am not satisfied with this MVP look and feel or even functionality, the main platform is under development and hosted here . but after watching the lectures, I decided to launch anyway and built that MVP above in 2 days.

will be very happy for your feedback"

XML for those who don't know is: XML is the UI language for android apps. So him selling/ building XML for apps is same as companies that make HTML templates and let you customize them. You could pick a few popular templates and save time on that.

I am actively inviting all indie hackers here to give feedback, whether you are an android/IOS developer or a founder who is building a mobile app, this is for you.

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