Launched early access

After 10 days of announcing the pre-launch and 24 days of coding, I finally finished a product in years.

Stats - Landing page (netcoresaas.com/product):

-Google Ads: 255,118 impressions, 2,034 clicks
-Google Analytics: 1.3k users, 1.5k sessions, 90% bounce
-SimpleAnalytics: 1.9k
-Fathom: 1.3k uniques, 1.7k views, 40 sec avg on site
-Plausible: 1.4k uniques, 1.9k total page views, 91% mobile

Stats - Demo App (demo.netcoresaas.com/product):

-Google Analytics: 38 users, 109 sessions, 32% bounce
-SimpleAnalytics: 342
-Fathom: 41 uniques, 1.2k views, 1.32 min avg on site
-Plausible: 35 uniques, 265 total page views, 42% laptop, 39% mobile

I uploaded the product to:
-ProductHunt: producthunt.com/posts/netcoresaas
-reddit (ad)

I launched today with a 48 hour -50% deal.

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