September 9, 2019

A Minor Pivot

Brandon James @bjames

Originally NTN was going to primarily be focused on the Network Troubleshooting utilities, but I've now decided that they should take a back seat to the content. I'm not going to get rid of the tools, but they are going to take a bit of a backseat.

As far as content goes, I really doubled down this week. I published an article on the Locator/ID Separation Protocol and with it I started a podcast titled "Never The Network - Audioblog". The audioblog is basically the article slightly rewritten to work as a podcast. In addition, I made a fairly basic youtube video so I was able to publish on YouTube as well. I'm also planning to experiment with screencasting.

I'm going to try writing at least two deep technical articles or screencasts a month and maybe some lighter content in between.

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