December 25, 2019

Reached first milestones


When I launched the website I set myself a few goals for the first month in terms of page views and followers on Twitter/Facebook/Discord.

I'm happy to say that I surpassed my main goals (page views and Twitter followers) by far, only three weeks after launching, before the end of the month, exactly on Christmas Eve.

To accomplish this I focused on building two early tools: A dev tracker which aggregates official news sources and posts them on the website, as well as a Discord bot that pushes these news to Discord communities that install the bot. Posting about these tools on Reddit, Twitter and Discord (and having others spread these further), gave me my first 1000 users and 5000 page views in less than three weeks. I also wrote a few blog posts and ran a small, extremely targeted Twitter campaign, which resulted in over 100 followers.

Meanwhile I'm working on other tools which I plan to release in April.

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      Good tip and I'll definitely do that, but right now there is very little content (or questions) on this particular topic. I'll see what I can do!