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October 22, 2020 Hit $500 MRR. Shipped Analytics.

Super excited to share that I finally hit my goal of getting to $500 MRR, the original goal I had set for myself way back in January.

Some things that have worked...

  • Paid ads - this was by far the best channel, but also expensive.

  • Warm outreach - Emailing trialing users telling them they've reached the free tier limit has worked surprisingly well in getting them to convert.

  • SEO - I am finally starting to see the benefits of spending a few hundred dollars hiring an SEO specialist to improve our ranking.

In retrospect, getting to $500 MRR has taken longer than I had originally thought. BUT, the amount of practical, "skin-in-the-game" type knowledge that I've acquired as a result has been nothing but eye-opening. I now feel like getting to 1K, 5K, 10K MRR is not only achievable but within grasp.

I've also realized the amount of capital it takes to run a successful business. I want to keep feeding the machine, but have to consider my options. Do I continue using personal income and savings to build this business or is there another way? I'm seriously considering the option of raising money.

I also shipped Analytics this week! now displays view and click data within the home page. This is something I originally had on the roadmap but never got around to it. This will hopefully give our customers more insight into what's working for them and ultimately increase retention.

calendar view

October 14, 2020 Open Startup. Birthday. Shipped.’s metrics are now open and available!

Earlier this year I reached out to Baremetrics and asked to “join the movement”.

I’m hoping this helps in two ways…

  • Forces accountability… I don’t want my numbers to slip now that they are public. Not that anyone cares, but I sure do now.

  • A marketing channel. I’ve already gotten some page views from the various open startup sites and blogs.

It’s also our first birthday!
We started validating and building in October 2019 and haven’t looked back.

Although our MRR is still quite low ($420/mo) I’m please with the success so far. This side project soon might turn into a full-time gig!

We also recently shipped Snackbars!

You can now design and display snackbars on your website. This is a great tool for announcing promotional discounts or even new blog articles, important announcements, etc.

Newclick Snackbar Editor

August 12, 2020 Shipped banner carousels and custom fonts! 🚢

After talking to our customers and doing some keyword research we've decided to build and ship carousels and custom fonts!

This will hopefully expand revenue as we march towards our next goal of $500 MRR. Onwards!

banner carousels in newclick

custom fontsin newclick

March 31, 2020 Added show/hide functionality

A common feature of component plugins is the ability to hide/show on particular URLs. Today I added that to You can now show/hide your banner on particular URLs. Took the afternoon to build but happy this is now included as a core feature.

hide and show announcement banner on URL

March 30, 2020 Using for image preview

I recently added a way to preview what a banner will look like on your website. We do this by using the wonderful service that allows you to display real-time screenshots of websites

I've built something like this in the past using PhantomJS. I certainly didn't want to roll my own this time around. I remember it being pretty complex to get right. is a great alternative and exactly what I was looking for.

announcement banner preview in newclickio

March 21, 2020 Added an onboarding component to the app

I finally got around to adding an onboarding component to the app. Before if plopped you right into the dashboard without really showing you what to do next. There was a small link to "Create a banner" but other than that, it wasn't clear on what the app did or what steps you needed to take.

Happy to say I fixed that today. We now have an onboarding component that walks you through the 5 major steps in order to get a banner live on your website.

  1. Create Your Account (already completed for the user ✅)
  2. Add Website URL 🌐
  3. Create Your Banner ✏️
  4. Install Your Banner ⚙
  5. Enable Your Banner ⚡️ onboarding component

March 18, 2020 Finally Got Around To Creating A Demo Video 📹

I've been meaning to record a quick explainer video that highlights some of the main features of the product. I finally banged one out today! The quality is pretty bad and overall was kind of a miserable experience, lol. I forgot how much I dislike recording and editing video. Anyways I got it out and will hopefully give people a quick idea of what the product is all about. Check it out here if you're interested:

March 13, 2020 Featured On Betapage

Woo! We got featured on

Overall the timing has been great. A few things came together at the right time...

  • We published a blog and the response has been pretty good.
  • We launched on the Shopify App Store (more on this later)
  • Featured on betapage

Here are some of the results we've seen so far...

📈 200 Sessions (and still climbing)

🕵 15 new trials

🛠 3 Banners Created and Installed

📬 A handful of emails from people interested in learning more

☕️ 1 coffee meeting (with someone who looks important)

March 10, 2020 Updated support docs and started on a new blog

Today I updated our support docs to reflect some changes we made within the app. Earlier last week, we refactored how our app installs javascript onto our customer's website (read more here) so in turn, we had to update some screenshots and articles we had in Zendesk.

I also started writing a listicle-style blog piece about the "10 Best Shopify Apps For High Growth Ecommerce Startups". I know some people cringe when they read these, but honestly, I found it quite fun to write. The article provides a ton of value for business owners and operators that are planning on starting an e-comm company. I look forward to publishing it sometime next week.

March 5, 2020 First Shopify Partner Payment 🙌

Today we finally got our first partner payment from Shopify!!! Not much but it's something. I've made a few bucks on the internet before through e-commerce, but this is my first SaaS revenue and I gotta say, man, it feels good. I think I'll take today to celebrate this win 🙌

first payment from shopify partner program

Schedule your promotions ahead of time and rest easy knowing your publishing the right content at the right times.