August 30, 2019

First Page on HackerNews

Ravi Vyas @ravivyas

We decided to make a general post to hacker news on the 28th of August, not really expecting anything out of it. Once we posted ( we reached out to a hand full ( under 10) friends and went about our day which included prospect meetings and development.

To our surprise, we landed up on page 1 of hacker news (

This also gave us a boost in traffic, around 2300 PVs in 2 days, else we are at an average of around 20 PVs a day. It got 18 new folks to signup for early access

What helped, we believe, is having a good enough home page ( this is our 3rd iteration post a lot of feedback) which showed the value. We also took insights from and our past learning of Jobs to be done, which is why we had a use cases page.

We were also active on HN responding to folks, they can get very very critical of you.

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  • Major feature released
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