Setup first AdWords compaign

Today I finished setting up my first Google AdWords campaign. Now curious to see the results!

After the MVP was launched, I invested a few days here and there improving the code, doing SEO and manually adding job postings to the website.

I consider it is now functional and has enough content that it's worth investing some money in AdWords to attract more people to the website.

I've lately been studying bits of Marketing, mostly by following people on Instagram. As a software developer, that is a whole new world to me! But to make the business shine, I guess that is necessary. Never stop learning! 💪

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    @andrepiske Hi, Andre, hoep you are having a great day. Are you looking for to hire a marketing expert on contract basis. Thank you.

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      Hi! At the moment I will do it myself as I'm adhering to a quite tight budget 😅 but, most importantly, I want to learn the basic of marketing even though at some point I might hire someone.
      Nevertheless, I'm interested to know what you have to offer. Drop me an email!

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