Podcast-to-podcast sponsoring — To grow audience

I set up a poll on the r/podcasting community on Reddit to try and find out how many podcasters have, or are considering, sponsoring another podcast ( in order to grow their audience base).

According to the poll only around 8% have tested out sponsoring another podcast. And around 35% are considering it.

I find it interesting that not more podcasters are doing this, as it seems like an easy, and relatively cheap way, to grow your audience.

See the poll here on Reddit:


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    This is a very common practice for medium to large podcast companies.

    My ft job is at Chartable (www.chartable.com) and we have a product called SmartPromos that helps people measure the impact of their podcast-to-podcast ads. We've done tons of promos for companies promoting their podcasts both on their own network and on different networks.

    It's a very effective form of advertising, and I think it's underutilized by smaller podcasters. Especially because it doesn't have to cost a thing if you do impression swaps.

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      Cool! Will check.
      I totally agree, it is interesting that it is not being used more. Seems like an easy way for small podcasters to quickly grow their audience.
      Could even work for some startups in order to get the word out quickly - and often - cheaply.

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    Not sure if this applies to podcasting but if you guys ever need to use a real-time video sketch collab tool, check out https://cogency.io

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      Ok, thanks, will check it out @lindamiles !

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